Bachelor Party for Her & Him in Vienna

Celebrate your bachelor party with us! The entertaining game for loving, engaged and also (newly) married people!
A journey of discovery to the romantic places in the heart of Vienna, passionate photo and video tasks, exciting interactions and much more guarantee an unforgettable experience!

Buy game/tour – install app – start whenever you are in the 1st district of Vienna. In the app you will find a map with about 50 icons. The tour is GPS bound. To unlock the information behind the icons, you need to move within 30 meters of them. The purchased product can be used flexibly after starting the game. After that we will send you a download link with all taken photos and videos as a souvenir.

Services & Facts

  • Duration: approx. 2 hours

  • Team size: flexible, best 2 – 3 players per smartphone, 3-6 players per tablet

  • Start/End: flexible in the 1st district

  • Languages: English / German

  • Game instructions: click HERE
  • Requirements: own smartphone / tablet, mobile internet connection, full battery
  • Price: € 39.99 incl. VAT per smartphone / tablet (= € 6.67 per person bei in team with 6 players)

  • FAQ: You can find interesting facts about our products here.