Do you know the Vienna Prater? An entertaining tour through Vienna’s oldest amusement park.

Many original events have taken place in the ‘Wurstelprater’ during its 200-year history. Find varied riddles at the attractions, create exciting photos & videos with the roller coasters. Discover the Prater interactively!

Buy game/tour – install app – start whenever you are at the Prater amusement park. In the app you will find a map with about 35 icons. The tour is GPS bound. To unlock the information behind the icons, you need to move within 30 meters of them. The purchased product can be used flexibly after starting the game. After that we will send you a download link with all taken photos and videos as a souvenir.

Leistungen & Facts

  • Entry info: The Prater is open to the public. Free entrance.

  • Duration: approx. 2 hours without breaks

  • Team size: flexible, best 2 – 3 players per smartphone, 3 – 6 players per tablet

  • Start/End: flexible at Prater amusement park

  • Languages: English / German

  • Game instructions: click HERE

  • Requirements: own smartphone/tablet, mobile internet connection, full battery

  • Price: € 29.99 incl. VAT per smartphone/tablet (= € 4.99 per person in team with 6 players)

  • FAQ: You can find interesting facts about our products here