Installation guide

  • Go to the homepage of Interactive Tours:

  • Select a product

  • Buy a ticket or more via the ticket shop

  • You will receive 3 e-mails:

    1. Order no. 00000000000
    2. Booking confirmation and proof of purchase
    3. Your access data
  • If you do not receive the e-mail “Your access data” within 2 minutes after booking, please check your SPAM folder.
  • Then follow the instructions in the e-mail “Your access data”

    1. Install the Interactive Tours app via Google Play or the App Store. Please authorise all access when using the app (location, microphone, camera)
    2. Click on the “Start now” link or scan the QR code. The game will be installed.
    3. You will be automatically logged into the app and the game and can play immediately or later.

Instructions and further information about the app can be found HERE.

You can find answers to the most frequently asked questions in our FAQs.